Write atom packages in coffeescript or JS?

At the Facebook event┬álast week, I learned that Facebook are using ES6 to develop their atom plugins. My first thought was to ditch coffeescript and re-write my plugins in ES6. That got me thinking… Why don’t I like coffeescript?

  • Most examples out their are written in JavaScript so you spent a lot of your time transforming JS examples into coffeescript
  • As a Ruby developer coffeescript confuses me. In my head Ruby and JS are two distinct languages. They have a different syntax and focus on different paradigms. Because coffeescript is so closely modelled on Ruby I find myself getting confused. “What is an @variable in JavaScript? Is it an instance variable like Ruby?”, “is this really a class? Or is it a prototype?”
  • With the new features of ES6, coffeescript is not so useful

Am I being unfair to coffeescript? I’d love to get your thoughts!