Switching from iOS to Andriod

What keeps people from switching from iOS to Android? My last phone was an iPhone 6. I’d owned the phone for two years and I decided that it was time for an upgrade. During those two years I convinced myself to make the switch to Android. Here are some of the reasons:

  • More variety and cheaper handsets. I’ve always disliked Apple for not serving low income people. If you live in London the percentage of iOS devices is significantly higher than a place with a lower average income. Due to the variety of Android handsets, there are devices available for people at high price points and low price points.
  • A more open OS. Android is more open than iOS. For example, iOS makes it very difficult to switch away from safari because you can’t change the system default browser.
  • Better integration into G suite. Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Google Keep are the core applications that I use every day. iOS allows you to download these apps but it doesn’t provide deep integration – it will always try to throw you back to Safari or Apple maps. Switching to Android would give me a deeper integration into G suite. It would also allows me to backup my entire phone to Google Drive (which I already pay for).

However, when it came time to buy the phone, I found myself walking into an Apple store and buying the iPhone 7. Why?

  • One device, one OS flavour. I’m deliberately contradicting myself here. Despite disliking the fact that iOS devices are not available to lower income people, I realise that there are advantages to limiting the number of handsets. All android devices are different. Samsung, LG, Nexus, HTC all manufacture different devices with different flavours of Android. I use my phone every day and I don’t want any annoying features to spoil the experience.
  • Support. Having a working phone is essential for most people. Being without a phone for a week is a serious inconvenience. With an Apple device, if there are any problems, I can take it into the store and they will fix it or give me a replacement on the spot.
  • Consistency. The iPhone has a long and stable track record. I don’t see another manufacturer that has built up the same level of trust. For example, the Google Nexus line was completely dropped and rebranded. I don’t trust Google, as much, to continue to support their phones in the future.