Being unbusy

Being unbusy is hard. Those of us who have goals and ambitions are constantly trying to cram more into the day in order to be more productive. But being unbusy is important, it allows for deep thinking and reflection. Being unbusy gives us time to clarify our thoughts and form opinions. Being unbusy gives us the opportunity to plan and solve problems.

I love this article about not being busy. The author describes being not busy as a skill, something that you need to consciously aim towards.

My favourite part of the article is this image: 

Being unbusy allows us focus on the goals that are most import to us by cutting out the less important ones.

Trying to be unbusy

When you have a spare half an hour at the end of the day, observe yourself. In myself I notice a slight uneasiness. It’s like I want to be more ‘productive’ so I quickly check my emails or half heartedly look through my todo list.

If you find yourself with some free time, try to just be. Relax, meditate or let your mind wander towards something creative. Open a book and do some deep reading or try to solve a problem that you’ve been wrestling with.